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Custom preflight checks

Out of the box, Replicated always runs a set of preflight checks when your application is first installed or when any update is being installed. We check to make sure the server(s) and the environment…

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Management console settings screen

The installable components of Replicated that your customers interact with are now more configurable with the introduction of the Management Console Settings screen. The layout is similar to the custo…


Preflight checks

By default each instance is now verified against the standard Replicated Preflight Checks during the installation and update processes. The goal of this feature is to surface potential issues to the e…


Airgapped installation support

Replicated now supports three types of installation: direct connect, proxy and today we’re introducing air gapped installation. “Air gapped” basically means a server or network that is physically isol…


Instance reporting

Replicated recently introduced a way to track the usage & updates for each license you issue to a customer (available for customer running Replicated versions 1.2.48 & higher). This is helpful…


On-prem instance configuration page

One of the core features of Replicated is the ability for any application to present users with a configuration/settings page on which they can input values to be used to customize their instance. Gen…